PC Services

We can offer a wide range of services, covering most areas of IT, ranging from the set up and installation of a single home computer to the maintenance and smooth running of a larger scale company network. Please click a link below to read more and discover how we can help keep your computer systems running at their best.

Repairs, Upgrades and Installation

We can assist you with all your computer related issues, from simply unpacking a new computer that you have just bought and plugging it in ready for use, to upgrading or repairing an existing one. No problem is considered too small, because if it is stopping you using the computer the way you want to, then more likely than not we can find a solution.

We have many years experience both using and repairing computers, and as such can diagnose and repair many of your computer issues quickly. We are also able to recommend upgrades to your current computer to help keep it up to date, and avoid the more expensive option of having to purchase a new one.

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Internet and Networking

With the increase in use of the Internet throughout the world, a good connection is essential to make the most of the world wide web. Maybe you are confused or baffled by the jargon many companies use when advertising, or just want to make sure you are getting a good deal. Let us help you set up a broadband connection, ensuring you get a good deal and a reliable service.

Many people are now realising the benefit of a computer network, enabling users to share files, printers or an Internet connection. Whether you are just looking to link a couple of PCs at home or network your office, we can help. Networking is our specialty and as such we have successfully installed and currently help maintain a number of company and home networks, both wired and wireless.

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Business Computer Support

Many businesses rely on their computer systems on a daily basis. We now offer a flat rate support service to help keep your IT running costs to a minimum. For a one off payment every month, you can have piece of mind knowing that all your support calls will be covered. All our agreements have an unlimited use policy, and no call out charges! We can also solve many problems very quickly with the use of remote control software. Contact us today to see how this service can be of benefit to your business.

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